Cynthia Haynes, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Couples (unmarried) / Relationship Counseling


Relationships are very important, married or not. It is especially valuable to meet with a counselor to review concerns and or anxieties that may be troubling you in your relationship. It is a priceless investment to get your doubts, questions, and or anxieties resolved. If you are not feeling at ease and need some resolutions, clarity and peace, please contact me.


  • Are your expectations are not being met?
  • Do you need him / her more?
  • She / he needs more alone time.
  • You don’t hear wedding bells.
  • His / her actions are not speaking louder than her/ his words.
  • Are we really compatible?
  • Am I making a BIG Mistake?
  • Everything would be perfect if only…
  • love him / her but am not sure how her/ his family perceives me.
  • Multi-Cultural anxiety?